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Ellie Eusebi


Fitbanker has been the best investment I could do for my health and wellbeing! During the challenge I lost 11.3Kg and I gained the confidence I needed to go out there and live the life I was dreaming of. I liked it so much that I then joined again for a second challenge and in just 6 months ( two 90 days challenges in a row) I lost 20 kg!! I couldn’t believe it! The program is fantastic, you learn so much about how your body works and what food does for you, you have specific instructions for your body type, constant support by the community and by Ronnie himself. From nutrition to exercise, a whole new world of tools opens up to you and your life will never be the same again! I have never experienced fitness in such a fulfilling and effective way before, and I cannot recommend it enough!


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Ash Jacobs


The Fitbanker programme has taught me a lot. Discipline, conditioning, and psychology that goes with how we treat our bodies. I set out to lose 10kg in 90 days, ambitious of me at the time, I could barely breathe. I am ecstatic to say I smashed that target and lost 14kg. (2st 2lbs or 30lbs). It’s a good start and I aim to continue shed more fatty fat fat over the next 90 days and build core muscle. Thanks to the Fitbanker team, Ronnie for the motivation and my whatsapp group. I’m out!


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Andrew Walker

I loved my first 90 day challenge, especially the online component which allowed me to connect with fellow participants from across the UK and abroad, but more surprisingly, with people outside the challenge via social media. The initial response to my ‘Before’ photo was overwhelming; the support I received from family and friends was amazing and was one of the keys to my success. I lost 20 lbs (9kg) after 90 days, and have gone on to lose over two stone (28 lbs / 12.7 kg) in encore challenges. One of the unexpected benefits was a huge increase in my level of confidence. Why certainly not a shy person, I did realise that my weight was holding me back from reaching my full potential. Since starting FITBANKER, I’ve reignited my passion for singing and performed in two shows with a local musical theatre society in Manchester. The wider impact on my community has been a more fun and outgoing version of myself, I never thought my personal journey to lose weight could impact others in such a positive way, and I am grateful to FITBANKER for not only the results I’ve experienced, but the ripple effect it has on others.

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Rebecca Falk

After spending pretty much my whole life being overweight and miserable about it, with numerous failed attempts to lose and keep the weight off through years of fad dieting, fasting, you name it – I joined FITBANKER through desperation really. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life and I found the challenge worked better than anything I have done before. First and foremost, it made me accept who I was as I was going into the challenge which was unlike anything I’d seen before. Previously all attempts to lose weight had come from trying to fix myself as I thought I was disgusting. I have realized that if you go into anything with that as your context or mindset ultimately success will be short lived. Accepting where you are at, at any point in time is an extremely powerful way to start a journey of health transformation, and FITBANKER shows you how to do this at the start.

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