How we began


FITBANKER came about as a much needed service for the corporate sector after Ronnie’s personal journey: After 12 years in banking and finance, and getting significantly overweight, while Vice President at J.P. Morgan, Ronnie had a sudden health scare, which resulted in him being hospitalised. What ensued was days and weeks of medical tests, check ups and medication – and Ronnie got clear for himself that despite all his career accomplishments – with ailing health – this wasn’t the definition of success. Being ‘too busy to exercise’, unhealthy meals and stress were the main cause of this. However, Ronnie took this setback as an opportunity to turn around his health & lifestyle and began exploring multiple exercise regimes, diets and mindset coaching. While many were short lived or caused injury, eventually Ronnie identified what worked and how to customise elements of these together to create a system that worked for his body type and busy lifestyle. Ronnie went on to participate in an online body transformation challenge – which he won – and this then led to a flurry of interest on social media. Ronnie saw this as an opportunity to take on further training and studies in nutrition and exercise to support others living a similar lifestyle and looking to transform. FITBANKER was born. In addition, FITBANKER create guided treks around the UK and international health & leadership retreats for our community and annually host a 14-day Leadership Summit on Mt Kilimanjaro.

Meet Our Team






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