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FITBANKER empowers you to cause your own health & fitness transformation through education on nutrition, exercise and mindset shifts
  • EASY to follow system suitable for any age, gender, level of fitness.
  • SIMPLE meal plan ideas & training plans tailored to your body type and goals.
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Dr. Sijo Parekattil, MD

"There is no other way to do it, but to do it. And there is no other program out there to help you do it like FITBANKER - let's do this!"

We shared the simple science of how our program works with Dr. Sijo Parekattil over a casual dinner in London. He took it on and lost 22lbs on our challenge and 53lbs overall, making Great Health Contagious on social media.

Rebecca Falk

"I've tried everything. I never had the level of fulfillment, satisfaction and results that I know are going to last - until FITBANKER"

Went on to smash her challenge and set the highest female weight loss record at the time, losing close to 12kg in 90 days. Rebecca has gone on to lose 17kg in total, and inspired many friends and family to transform their health too.

Dr. Diksha Patel
"FITBANKER, is accomplishing tasks across the globe which one physician does with one patient at a time. You would be investing in a life time change. This is PRICELESS."

Dr. Diksha Patel chose to transform her health and be a leader for family & friends in her community, being an example of this education at work. She went on to lose over 9kg in 90 days inspiring many more to join the movement.

Simran Badesha

"On the challenge I discovered a new me. It tested everything... but what was new was that this time I never gave up on me." 

Simran set the Female Record for most weight lost in 90 Days. We met her parents who acknowledged us for having her get below 100kg - they could buy her a size 12 dress after many years. They equally took on transforming their health.

The FITBANKER Challenge


We came into existence after our own personal experience of a busy lifestyle, successful in monetary terms, but costly in terms of health and self-confidence. WE GOT THE IMPACT FIRSTHAND! We tried everything - we discovered what worked and what didn't. We researched and designed this systematized program to work on 3 main pillars of our wellbeing:

  • Discovering our emotional and psychological triggers that has us stuck to certain behaviors and habits - and disappearing these. 
  • Providing content and coaching on effective & tasty nutrition
  • Providing contact and coaching on training and physical activity

The results - as you can see - have been simply amazing for our participants globally regardless of age, gender, profession or lifestyle. 

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