The FITBANKER Challenge - How It Works
We provide the meal plan ideas, training programs and the tools - but what really causes these unprecedented results?

Imagine this: for 90 days you are part of a team - an international community committed to causing similar results and on a daily basis sharing their actions, meal ideas, recipes and motivation to keep us all in action. This is not a competition nor a race, but a community coming together to empower each other and bring out each others' best - and it gets better - it's not just about us on the challenge. It's about inspiring others out there: our families, our friends, our communities. This is a Movement. Are you in?

"We often try to change our health or body by fighting the existing reality: suppressing our desires, eating less and exercising more. These are all sure ways to fatigue, unhappiness and possible injury from exercise. Transformative Health is about creating a whole new lifestyle that makes the old way obsolete." - Ronnie Rich
Achieving results on the FITBANKER Challenge is easy
3 easy steps
The science

3 easy steps: Sign Up, post your BEFORE photo to our public Facebook page and then complete your own onboarding questionnaire (sent post sign-up).

We provide life coaching, education on nutrition,  physical exercise & elements of emotional psychology: what drives us & what keeps us stuck. We leverage the ancient eastern science of Ayurveda & science of bodybuilding. 

Some of the results include: Six-pack in 60 days with increased strength & definition, 90 Day weight loss records: Male: 16.5kg; Female: 15.8kg. Average Weight lost in a 90 Day challenge is 6kg (13lbs). Reduced cholesterol and BP

Our programs have us start by unlearning all that we know about food, exercise and our mindset. We create a new relationship to nutrition, exercise and ourselves. We make this fun and easy through our 90 Day online programs delivered through social media, weekly webinars/videos, tailored meal plan ideas and training programs delivered to your inbox.

"I've tried everything. I never had the level of fulfilment, satisfaction and results that I know are going to last - until FITBANKER"
Rebecca Falk
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