90 Day Challenge

Achieving results on the FITBANKER Challenge is easy

3 easy steps

  1. Sign Up
  2. Post your BEFORE photo to our public Facebook page and
  3. Complete your own onboarding questionnaire (sent post sign-up).


The Science

We provide life coaching, education on nutrition, physical exercise and elements of emotional psychology. What drives us and what keeps us stuck. We leverage the ancient eastern science of Ayurveda and science of bodybuilding.


Some of the results include: Six-pack in 60 days with increased strength & definition, 90 Day weight loss records: Male: 16.5kg; Female: 15.8kg. Average Weight lost in a 90 Day challenge is 6kg (13lbs). Reduced cholesterol and BP

Our programs start by unlearning all that we know about food, exercise and our mindset. We create a new relationship to nutrition, exercise and ourselves. We make this fun and easy through our 90 Day online programs delivered through social media, weekly webinars/videos, tailored meal plan ideas and training programs delivered to your inbox.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Questionnaire to ascertain your body type

Tailored meal plan ideas & inspiration

Access to our private Facebook group

10+ educational webinars & videos

Direct access to team leaders

Tailored training plans

Mindset coaching

Technical support

Above all else: A Lifetime Lifestyle Education